Train Now - Does it Factor in off bike workouts?

Loving the most recent updates, and new look and feel of the interface both on computer and app. Huge kudos to the team there for rolling out some great updates.

I try to do at least one day a week of off bike workouts. Sets of squats, jumping jacks, push ups, etc to help with core fitness on the bike.

My question is, does the Train Now feature factor in workouts that I’m completeing OUTSIDE of TR. ie, will it factor in the fact that I did a 60min HIIT workout today when recommending a workout tomorrow?I am adding them to my calendar as other workouts, and entering the duration and intensity.

Thanks again!

Good question! It does not, currently. TrainNow’s recommended workout on a given day does take into account both your TrainerRoad workouts and unstructured, non-TrainerRoad rides, but not ‘other’ activities/TSS.

Makes total sense, since every manually entered workout could be totally different.

The nice thing is i can still just select from the recommended train now workouts to fill in the calendar!

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