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@Nate_Pearson @Pete Hi there, I am wondering if in a later release “Train Now” will be available from the calendar and not from “Workout”. For the user it is one more tap and from my point of view counter intuitive, I was taping on the calendar, taping on workout and was not seeing “Train Now” I had to go to “Workout” from / in the menu.



Hey there, most of what you described sounds like a perfect application for a training plan! Adaptive Training with a training plan is exceptionally good at making sure you don’t go over your limits, and as we add the capabilities for it to recognize and respond to unstructured rides, it’ll get even better at this. TrainNow is more intended for self-coached riders or folks who feel like adding a structured workout to supplement their riding while not following a plan. For instance, during warmer months I personally tend to fall off my plan in favor of lots of aimless outside riding, and then struggle with workouts when I try to resume my plan after a few weeks of non-compliance. For me, TrainNow will be perfect, because when I randomly hop on the trainer, I’ll be able to pick a perfect workout for my actual capacities, not the ones I would have had if I’d been following my plan dilligently. Between training plans with AT and the flexibility of TrainNow, we will have all bases covered, but in the end if you want to ignore it and ride hard every day, that’s still an option too :man_shrugging: we just don’t recommend it!


I am excited for TrainNow as I will be a first time dad in April and I based on what I have heard finding time & energy to train will be difficult. To know that I can pick a amount of time and be immediately given 3 types of rides that will suit me well is really nice.

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@larskoelle There will be a lot more integration of TrainNow in the app and we definitely agree that we want a very short path to get you to the right workout.


So I have a question for clarity…I have a plan…TR plan that was tweaked by me to remove the easiest day and some other adjustments to increase some days time. Currently if I go hit TrainNow on my off day…I have three options…one is an easy endurance ride…the other two are harder rides that would make my next days scheduled harder ride a lot harder… Is Trainnow…really working yet or is this too early for me to make this comment. Or Trainnow knows I am stronger then I think I am?

TrainNow will give the same suggestions whether or not you’re on a training plan, and no matter where you are in your training plan. So those endurance, climbing, and attacking rides it recommends are all appropriate to your Progression Levels in the respective zones, but do not take into account rest days or the upcoming days’ scheduled training. If you’re on a training plan, defer to your plan’s recommended workouts. TrainNow is intended for athletes not on a plan or those who like to occasionally choose structured workouts, and is not meant to replace a training plan’s periodization (the rhythm of train/rest/repeat).


Does it take into account your historical non TR rides/workouts such as zwift, xert, outside rides etc? If it doesn’t what use is it?

Not yet, but it will soon, once we add the capability for Adaptive Training to recognize and classify every workout, structured or not!


When will that be please?

It’s one of our top development priorities right now, so as soon as we can.


@SeanHurley: thank you for your input on this thread. I also want to say that it is great that the filters on workout selection are not much finer than in the past. Excellent.

But I have a question. Yesterday, I planned to do a 4-5 hr endurance ride, outside. But in the spirit of experimentation, I decided to look at what TrainNow would recommend. But when I selected the duration =2 hrs, it responds “No selections found”. Yet there are many endurance rides in the catalogue with > 2 hrs.
Can you explain what is going on?

Thank you.

From the number of responses (and varied responders) in this thread, is it safe to assume that a lot of you are using the Beta trouble free?

Just the open beta version, without the closed beta early access

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In terms of AT / HR I am wondering if you have ways to eliminate false data. e.g. on Sunday my HR Monitor was going crazy, that would influence AT results if false data was not to be ignored. Same goes for false PM meter data.
I can´t wait for the first results …

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I would expect that they are doing some sense checking on data before using it. I think that was even confirmed on the podcast or TR staff on the forum. That said, it can mess up many analysis tools and metrics, so I would download that Ride data, edit it (there’s several websites for this), then delete the Ride from TR and as it back

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Likely what was going on is there were no 2+ hour endurance rides that matched with your Endurance Progression Level. But we are working to fill in any kind of holes like this, so thanks for pointing it out!


I have been using the iOS beta trouble free for months now. No hesitation at all recommending that folks use it.


To upload rides/workouts not performed within the TR application, will the solution be within the closed loop of Trainer Road platform, or will a third party be required?

e.g. will TR users be able to upload a ride directly to TR from a headunit or will we need to go through Trainingpeaks, Garmin, Strava or some other intermediary to get non-TR rides into TR.

Apologies if already answered.


This procedure won’t change from how it currently works- you can sync TR with any of those other accounts, or manually upload the ride directly from your Head Unit.

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So I just checked out TrainNow and very excited about the potential - but have some questions - largely around how fast it converges if you have a recent “blank slate” on TR.

For background, have subscribed to TR for a few years, but stopped using it this winter in favor of Rouvy. I have been doing my own thing on Rouvy, mostly alternating between long SS efforts (20-90 mins) a lot of high Z2, and occasional 20-60 min race efforts. Largely building off some success I had with TR HV SSB2 outside last spring, but aiming for longer SS blocks without all the breaks found in the TR plans - loosely in the spirit of the very popular SS progression thread on here. This approach combined with some long-format Kolie Moore style FTP efforts has lifted pretty much my entire mid-to-long power curve this winter.

That being said, I was planning to get back to TR for a VO2 max block running in parallel with Rouvy as it’s been a while and for something like this, I think more structure would help. I was thinking I’d start general build MV - but then saw the adaptive training release and Train Now which seems to be connected - so thought I’d check it out as an alternative.

TrainNow suggested a climbing workout of 5x3 mins at SS :thinking: :laughing: With no rides on the TR app recently, I’m guessing it’s just giving me what looks like 100% off the couch recommendations?

And if so, how fast will it converge to better suggestions if I do tougher rides linked to TR workout profiles? (e.g. instead of Grassy Ridge, jump into something like Bluebell or Mills that I know would be fine to complete but are clearly harder)

What I’m thinking is that with VO2 max, I’m pretty much blank slate other than knowing the starting point on TrainNow is WAY too easy. But if I used TrainNow to just focus on the “attacking” workouts, would it be reasonable to expect that TrainNow would quickly converge to give me a good personalized VO2 max progression if I complete them successfully?

And will TrainNow slow down the progression when you struggle or is that only under the adaptive training system?

I was also thinking I could probably start finding SS workouts on TR to match what I intend to do on Rouvy any given day to at least seed TR with some insight that yes, I can do more than 3 mins at SS - as long as it will converge fairly quickly, and start to give me longer customized progressions.

To be totally honest, I was planning to drop my multi-year subscription as I really couldn’t see much more to get out TR. But if the adaptive training is released soon enough, and lives up to anywhere near the hype, it will keep me around for sure, as I’m confident Rouvy workouts will not reach this level of sophistication anytime soon :slight_smile: In the meantime, curious if this use case proposal for TrainNow can reasonably be expected to help bridge the gap used to make a more personalized VO2max progression in particular.