How to use trainer road if I will be indoors infrequently over summer?

I am new to trainer road and would like to use it primarily in the winter for more structured training, but reality is over the summer I will be outdoors and don’t have great spots to adhere to the workout structures. When I do train indoors, what’s a good method of choosing the best workouts/getting the most out of trainer road?

You can choose to still follow a plan, and do the workouts mostly outdoors… or you could just ride casually outside and use the TrainNow feature to decide what indoor workouts to do when you want to ride inside.

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When using the train now feature, does that take into account outdoor rides that are synced even if they weren’t taken via trainer road?

TrainNow does currently take these workouts into account when considering which style of workout to recommend each day. It does not yet incorporate these workouts into its consideration how difficult a workout to recommend, but that capability is in the works.


Interesting. Off topic question, but I synced my outdoor rides upon joining TR then did a ramp test. Prior to that, TR gave me an estimated FTP. Was this based off by other rides or totally random? The number turned out to be quite a ways off. Just trying to get a handle on what information TR takes into account for the various recommendations.

I wish I could use it more outdoors, but reality of the terrain would make it pretty tough I think.

TR has a default FTP (200 I believe), it doesn’t estimate FTP , the number was just the default

(which is why the app keeps telling you to do a ramp test when you first install)

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