Pushing plan builder

My training time is going way up as I watch the TDF and I am scheduled to begin a 50 plus week session of plan builder on September 21 the day after the tour ends. Given that I do not want to crater and could really use that week as pure recovery If I push that week will plan builder 1) push the entire planned training calendar by a week 2) preserve my A and B events in their current slots and 3) Maintain my weekly group ride that I painstakingly copied into every Thursday for the duration of the plan?

Hoping that the answer is yes for every one of these variables and it does not need to be rebuilt all over again.

If you Push a week in Calendar (not Plan Builder) it will move all Workouts that week and after 1 week (or however many days or weeks you push it). It will not move events. As long as you copied your weekly group rides as events (and not workouts) they will stay.

With all of that said, you should go through Plan Builder again and select a new start date. By delaying the start of your plan, but your A and B events remain in the same place, Plan Builder will take a week out somewhere and may make other changes to the overall plan.

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