Any way to rebuild plan from a backup on TrainerRoad's Server?

I’ve made an absolute mess with Plan Builder. I’ve added and removed various events, and now there are so many iterations of workouts and weeks that I don’t even know where to begin deleting. There should really be a way to undo last edits to a plan. I really don’t want to clear everything and have to manually re-add all the events again.

Hey @aarontator,

If you delete your Plan Builder plan (by clicking the first start annotation and selecting delete), it will leave all the events on their original dates. Any workouts you edited or moved will also stay in their place, but you can go through and clear those manually with the “Clear Week” button found in the three-dot (…) menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

Then, once all the workouts are cleared, go back into Plan Builder. When you reach the “Add Events” page, you will be given the option to pull in the events already in your Calendar. Click yes, and all of your events will be pulled back in.

Let me know if you have any quesitons!

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Hey @Bryce thanks. when doing this, am I still to set my plan start date as the beginning of my season back in early December? Or should I set it as today? Is it going to add a bunch of random stuff to past weeks if I do set it as December?

You will want to set your start date as the date you started training, but it will only apply workouts from today forwards :+1:.

By doing this, Plan Builder understands that you have been training and will plan accordingly.

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Just to confirm, before I do this, will deleting the first annotation still leave completed workouts as well? I don’t want to lose training history obviously.

Completed workouts will remain :ok_hand:

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Awesome, worked great! I’m back to loving Plan Builder.

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