Is there an easy way to push my plan back a week?

I had to take a week off the bike because of a small injury. Is there a simple way to push my plan back so that I don’t skip the workouts that I missed? Or do I need to move every one of the workouts I have left in my plan?
Looking forward to Adaptive training to do this for me :wink:

All the best from Iceland, Unnur

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You may have success with the Push Week option.

Note, you can’t use that tool in the current workout week, only pending ones like next week. So if you need to handle this week, Push next week first and then manually drag this weeks workouts as needed.

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Thank you!!

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Is the push week gone from the web option. I had to use move and messed up my plan lol.

If you want to move a week you now have to

click on an empty part of the week (i.e. not on a workout)
In the dialog, select “Add an Annotation”
Set the start and end dates of what you want to add.

Yeah, really obvious :man_shrugging:

There’s a current thread asking for the push/pull functionality to be put back.

Wow. Thank you. I think Ill just delete my plan and start over. Sounds like screwing with a good thing. Must have something to do with AT. I had just started it anyways.