Plan Builder and pushing a week

Next week I am meant to be doing the following.

But I want to do the FulGaz time trial and in May their Giro D’Italia so I thought I would push this week back and fill it up with some other recovery rides. If I do the calendar says I can’t edit my plan anymore. What is the best way to achieve this? My A race a Gran Fondo in September so plenty of time to get back into the plan

Can you not edit the plan to add in these extra events and see what plan builder spits out ?

I delete the old plan and events and rebuild it. In my case I"m over 8-weeks in and just rebuild starting on the original date I first started. Would that achieve what you are looking to do? I basically on a Low Volume plan from Plan Builder that favors extra base training. I just started General Build.

Thanks both, I will give edit a go first. I am not sure what will happen if I had them as a B event, I don’t think I could add them as an A event, it is too close. I think I will do the Ramp Test on Monday and edit after that. I’ll come back and say which way I went.

I added the TT as a B race and the plan recalculated. That is really good. Thanks for the help.

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Sweet. I’m at a low level of fitness and volume right now but have found Plan Builder does a nice job for me rebuilding my training and adjusting. Sometimes I have to delete and rebuild, but it’s pretty slick.