Pushing plan while leaving other events on the same dates

I’ve completed my Build plan, but I don’t want to start my speciality just yet, so I figured I’d push it a couple of weeks and add in some VO2 Max workouts. However, if I push everything a week forwards then it moves the races that I have entered into the calendar as well! Is there a way to push a plan without moving the other events, as they are on specific dates?

I did a test and was able to Push a week (and all the following ones in the plan, and it kept the 2 test races on the originally set date. I am nearly certain that it should always work this way.

I think you may have experienced a bug, and should contact support@trainerroad.com to see what happened.

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Thanks Chad. I double checked, and they weren’t set to be races - I updated them to be races and then tried pushing and it left them where they were. :slight_smile:

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Good deal. Glad that got you sorted :smiley: