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I’m not totally sure I’ve got your plan right - you’re looking to do one indoor workout in addition to your two outdoor rides?

If so, then I’d think about doing a vo2 max indoor workout on Tuesday, then back that up with long sweetspot or over-unders on the Wednesday outdoor ride. E.g. just go up the climb at sweetspot, see if you can get to 90% FTP for an hour or more.

Then if your long weekend ride is the only other ride you’re doing, I’d look at doing it mostly zone 2 but introduce some tempo intervals (progressing to make the interval length and time in zone longer each week).

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Come at it the other way round, start with a plan and then figure out how to do parts of that plan outdoors. What you’re doing at the moment is a routine, it’s not a “program”!

My approach would be to start with Sweet Spot Base Low Volume and do something like:

  • Use your indoor ride to do the scheduled Tuesday ride.
  • Use your Wednesday ride to complete the scheduled Thursday workout which is normally 60 minutes long. E.g. week 2 of SSB1 has Monitor on the Thursday which is 6 x 6 minutes of SS work with 2 minute breaks. So you warm up, then complete those intervals on the flattish and climb section, maybe do 7-8 of them instead of 6 if you’re feeling good, then cruise the rest of the ride at zone 2
  • Use your weekend ride to replace the long weekend ride. If you’re going as long as 4-6 hours then I wouldn’t worry too much about structure, maybe do the climbs at Tempo or low sweetspot and everything else at Zone 2.

This is why TR developed Plan Builder. I don’t want to belittle the question, but this is the exact application for the program.
Plug in your key event(s), and answer the questions it provides you, and see what it spits out.
You can then decide what you might need to move around during the week, what workouts you want to do outside (this can be pushed to your device) or which workout you want to skip altogether in favor of a group ride or the like.

If you don’t have a key event there are blog posts that discuss how best to approach the next 12 months using plan builder to put together a proper training program for you.