Planning a peak for an 8 race series

Hello all,

There is an 8 race series in my area that I’ve signed up to do with a Cat 2 team.
It’s a crit, TTT and road race on the same day, road race plus crit weekend, climbing kermesse, crit, and crit.

Starting mid September and ending mid Nov.

What should I mark as my A race? These will be all new courses for me as I just moved here. The climbing kermesse will be the hardest and my most challenging race of the series.

I’ve never raced a proper series like this. Always done the local crit races then peaked for one off crits. Not a lot of road races in my previous area that I’ve done.

Some background. Been racing for 6-7 years now. I’ve been using TR for 5-6 years.
Since AT has been out there hasn’t been much to focus on for me personally but I’ve kept training and not worried about the series just curious how to plan for it.

Thank you in advance :smiley: