Crit series plan

Hi everyone.
I attempted to see if there was a post about this topic, but i didn’t see anything, so I apologize in advance if it has been discussed elsewhere. This year Im going to be partaking in a weekly crit series and now with adaptive training, im curious to how I should be assigning my races priority wise. For best outcomes should I add weekly races as “C” races and then attempt to peak during the last race, making that my “A” event? Any advise would be great appreciated.

Hi, I am pretty sure I read in the forum or heard in the podcast that you should put your A event the one before last or the last one.

Depending on how important is to perform, how fatigued I am from the plan, and how is the overall ranking I set the other races as B or C.

Thet is what I do when I race online/indoor in the winter and outdoor (this year) in the summer