Changing Plans....but with a different discipline!

Hi there!

I have seen a lot of similar threads, however, not ones that fully line up with my current situation and plans for this summer.

I have up until now (since October of last year), been training for a charity event at the beginning of June this year which is 132miles in duration with 10,000ft of evaluation. Being a fairly heavily rider, I have been following TR plan fully and have seen some real benefits when venturing out on the road in early March (PR’s a plenty :)). My plan was after this event to use the fitness and specialise to a more focussed crit plan as I would like to give racing a go this year as this is where I feel my power and application will come in to play (hopefully).

The problem I have is that the event has now been pushed to the end of September and I am still committed to this, however, I feel that if I prolong the training for this event, I will lose out on prepping for my first summer of crit racing and getting into this discipline (with missed opportunities along the way)

Should I look to switch plans up now towards more of a crit focus, or carrying on building for the climbing event and supplement some ftp/sprint work to accommodate?

It was also my hope my general level of fitness would increase through the summer which should carry me through until at least the end of September.

I would really appreciate the feedback or suggestions for anyone who is in a similar position to myself.



If you are just starting out then specific fitness won’t go as far as just general fitness. So getting more fit for one will almost certainly benefit the other.

In your case I might choose a plan that falls somewhere in between like general build and then the rolling or climbing road race. That way you still get some longer SS intervals but you will also be exposed to some of the punchy or sprinty efforts for the crits.

Just don’t forget to get in some longer rides to work out your fueling and pacing for the 130 mile ride. While you don’t have to ride 130 miles before hand it might be a ride awakening if you solely focused on 30-45 min crits all summer.

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