Shorten workouts to 1h?

Hi all. New here, new to TR. I’ve set up a medium plan (not sure if that’s correct terminology) using plan builder and, as a result of workouts completed so far, it’s upped the ante and made quite a few of the midweek sessions over an hour. Is there a way to change this and bring them back to 60m? I usually train at lunch and can’t really afford more than the hour.

Hoping you can advise. Thanks in advance.

I didn’t even know there was an alternates option - I see it now! Thank you.


There is a feature request for plan builder to set time limits so you don’t have to run through the alternatives each time, but it’s been about for a while and not sure how far along it is.

Edit: found it


Thanks for linking. Interesting thread. Doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere quickly, unfortunately.

Sadly not, I’ve prodded a couple of times but I guessif it is happening it’s all tied up with v2 levels/plan builder so unlikely to show up anytime soon.