Plan builder goes right to max hours

Does Plan Builder default to ramping PLs and TSS, as opposed to, or in addition to, hours? For me, it seems to have gone right to my max hours in base 1.


As someone who liked the Easy button approach before, I’ve found this transition to be somewhat frustrating.

Thanks for the heads-up! We’re looking into this now. :male_detective:

For the time being, I’d recommend using Workout Alternates to replace any workout that’s not the duration you’re looking for.

I’ll let you know when I have something more to share.


Sounds good. To be clear, I don’t have a problem with the “ramp” in the blocks being a ramp in TSS and PLs, but it was more to understand if that was intended behavior for the app. I guess my expectation would that TR would have a target high for volume (in hours) and build toward that through the plan.

@Jesse_Vernon1 @jmkizer, how are your plans looking now? It seems like this problem may have resolved itself… :thinking:

Let me know either way!

Thanks again!

@eddiegrinwald just wanted to also point out that once you have a plan on your calendar and you click on a block to change the custom workout durations you are limited to a max of 2 hours.

That is not what I see. I am able to use up to 5 hours.

Perhaps that’s only because I installed a plan on Monday and set 3 hours as my starting point? Is there a chance you have an older plan that is not updated to the lates/greatest version?

Hey Eddie, yeah, in my base (HV) for example, it went right to 10:15 hours for each of the 3 weeks, and it doesn’t ramp up from there. It also started at basically the max hours for each day, right from the start. The rest of my phases, looking ahead, do the same. The ramp is in TSS and PLs, so there is progression, just not in hours.

Strange, I just made a fresh plan on plan builder a few days ago and it won’t let me change the durations longer than 2 hours even though my endurance rides are currently 2.5 hours.

What’s important here is that your TSS is progressing between recovery weeks. Although you do have several weeks at 10:15, Adaptive Training isn’t utilizing all of your custom workout duration caps and giving you “max” hours each week.

There isn’t usually a steady ramp in volume, but rather TSS.

Once you select the volume of your plan, that’s what is referenced when planning out your weekly volume. The one case where volume can be increased is when your Endurance PL is high. The only way to increase Endurance Workout Levels is to increase the duration of the workout.

This is where your custom duration caps come in handy. :grin: With yours set at 4.5 hours for Friday rides, as your Endurance PL grows, you’ll start to get longer workouts all the way up to your cap. As of now, your PL is 3.8 which is why you’re getting 2:30 rides on Fridays.

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@msegues Not all workout types can be over two hours long. It looks like here you’ve selected “Hard Intervals,” which max out at 2 hours. :sweat_smile:

“Easy Rides” and “Endurance” max out at 5 hours.


I think I might have a separate glitch going on here then because on my calendar I have hard intervals on Friday and endurance on Saturday but when I go to change the durations it has that reversed.

thanks @msegues! I’ll have the team take a look at this… :mag:

It looks like something funky is going on here…

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It sounds like this has been addressed by the engineering team and should be fixed in one of the next updates.

Thanks again for the heads-up!

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