Plan builder & training volume


i recently renewed my trainerroad subscription and started by building a plan with plan builder…

i entered the following details:

  • 0-3 hours training in the last 6 weeks
  • training volume - average (3-7 hours and 3-5 rides per week)
  • no races, no pause
  • from now until july

what it comes up with is:

  • 5 rides every week.
  • min. 5:30 hours (mostly around 6-7) every week.

is there an explanation why the training volume exceeds the one you specify in plan builder so much? besides trainerroad thinking i should train more? :rofl:

The reason it set you up that way be due to this input you gave it…

That’s the Mid Volume plan, which TR defaults to 5 rides/week. If you notice in the screen shot, given that you input 0-3 hours in your first input, Plan Builder “recommends” the Low Volume plan, which would default to 3 rides/week.

The reason for the 3-5 range in mid volume is that it DOES flucuate some weeks (recovery and event weeks in my experience) to only 3 to 4 rides that week


thank you!

i deleted the plan and went for low volume. now every week has exactly 3 rides… probably this confuses me because i used zwift in the past years and in those plans the rides vary week by week (I thought it would make sense to have more demanding phases followed by some regeneration - probably TR will do that with those AI adaptions…?)

Unfortunately, the Adaptive Training system won’t automatically reschedule or add/subtract recovery days/weeks ( if that is what you are asking). It only adjusts upcoming workouts for similar energy systems (SS for SS, VO2 for VO2, etc).

When the plan is created, recovery weeks are scheduled every 4-6 weeks, depending on what phase you are in.

If you need additional recovery on top of that, you would need to add it yourself using the calendar annotations and train now to swap out ( for example) SS for endurance. I do this from time to time to follow a more 2on/1off schedule given my age (49) and recovery rate.

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