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I’m considering subscribing to TrainerRoad to introduce some structure to my midweek turbo sessions.

I’ve had a look at the training plans, which are expressed as hours per week, can anybody advise the typical frequency of sessions in these plans?

I’m looking for a plan that will give me midweek structure/progression for the turbo, but allow me the flexibility to mainly just enjoy my longer weekend rides. Does this sort of plan exist or would I have to adapt a plan that involved more frequent shorter rides?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Chris_Moorby,

Yes. Yes it does. The Low Volume plans tend to feature three sessions a week, which allow you the weekends for outdoor rides!


Low volume is 3 days per week
Mid volume is 5 days per week
High volume is 6 days per week


EDIT: I do low volume + commuting + racing/long group rides


Sweet Spot Base Low Volume sounds like where I would start, the beauty of TrainerRoad is that you can easily schedule the workouts when you want to do them with the drag and drop on the calendar. The low volume workouts are typically 2 x 60 mins and 1 x 90min workout. If you don’t want to do the Base plan then just pick out the workout/s that you want and skip the others. :slight_smile: If you need a referral for a free month then I’d happily send you one - you won’t be disappointed and you will dropping your mates on your weekend ride in no time.


Thanks for the 3 responses, it sounds like the Low Volume plan would be ideal for me and may even prompt me to get the 3 sessions in during the week!

AdamB if you’re able to give me a referral that would be massively appreciated!

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Would you be able to detail how you set this up?

Sorry, what do you mean?

On the desktop site just click on training plans from the left tool bar. Then select base, build or speciality and it will give you low, mid and high volume plans with a list of weekly hours and days

Sorry; not clear with my question. What would a training week look like? How do you mix the commutes with the TR programs.

Oops sorry, misunderstood!

A normal week is:
Mon - commute + 1hr of training in the evening
Tues - commute
Weds -commute + 1 hr of training in the evening
Thurs - commute
Fri - commute + 1hr30 of training in the evening
Sat - commute
Sun - rest day

Commute is 22 miles a day in total, all easy. I aim to ride these with as little effort as possible.

I had a crit race last tuesday. To accommodate this i drove to work on Tuesday.

I had a road race a few sundays ago, so i moved my rest day to monday and my monday training to tuesday.

So in other words, i just make it up as I go along! Sometimes I’ll drive to work one day if i feel like I need more rest, but make sure that I still get my 3 trainer workouts done.

What type of workouts are the 3 sessions you’re doing? Presumably a mix of intervals?

Depends whether I’m doing base, build or speciality. In build it was all sweet spot work. During build its all VO2 max

This is what I was after!! Thanks for the clarification. It’s how I imagined to do it. I start a new job with 11 miles e/w commute in September.

Enjoy the new job. If you’re able to drive/public transport to work occasionally then this gives you the freedom to race and train as you please and schedule your rest day whenever it suits you!

If you’re stuck to commuting by bike but feel the fatigue creeping in then don’t be afraid to drop a TR workout to give you some recovery.

Last week was really hot and my cooling on the trainer isn’t great. So I dropped the whole week’s workouts and used my commutes to replicate the scheduled workouts as best as I could

Thank you.

Yeah my outline plan was to start simply commuting for a few weeks and then begin to add in some intensity in he form of structured work.

Thanks for taking time to help

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