Plan builder: Riding a few mountain climbs on my holiday. Use a race or a similar workout to in the plan builder?

Hello everyone,

At week 5 of my mid volume base I plan, I am going on a holiday for a week and I will do 2-3 times of 70-90 minute long mountain climbs. Those will be a tempo to sweet spot pace, depending on the part of the climb.

I am debating whether I should model them as C races or use workouts that match them (e.g. leavitt-2 or phoenix-1).

I am not sure I am clear after reading a few similar topics. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Personally I’d do the rides, enjoy them and not worry too much about tracking/matching.

You could try matching them, but in reality this is often a bit difficult to do.

Shame V.2.0 is still not with us.


Oh no doubt! I plan to enjoy the rides irrespective of what the plan says. I booked it as holiday. My only concern is how to best tell TR that I may have added a large TSS and maybe it should adjust my plan. I guess, I can complain afterwards that the workouts are very hard, if they feel so.

I had similar and just estimated the TSS and IF from similar trips in the past and entered them as C events. It then adapted the plan around. It’s not precise, but stopped it throwing a load of hard sessions immediately after a big week.

Hey there! Sounds like an awesome trip! :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow:

In this case, I think adding a “Time Off” annotation would be the best move. While it won’t really be true time off, the annotation will trigger Adaptive Training to remove your workouts during that time period and adjust your future training.

Once you return, AT will adapt your workouts based on your time away from your training plan. If you’d like, you can also use TrainNow and/or Workout Alternates to ease back into things.

We generally don’t recommend matching workouts to completed rides unless you’re actually planning on following one as an Outside Workout. Otherwise, it can get messy and lead to suggested adaptations that aren’t necessarily accurate.

Hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.


This should be reiterated on the podcast and elsewhere, authoritatively.

I agree, diminishing returns. Attentive pros like Alex Wild can stay in zone on controlled roads, but the rest of us are bouncing all over the place.

As a user, if I’m trying to achieve workout objectives outside, it’d be a slap in the face for a coach to say “your workout does not count” and ignore it.

For me, if I’ve done NO threshold indoors for months, and then do a 5x20m outside, I want my PL’s to recognise the effort, so will associate.

Interestingly, I get different views of progressions from desktop and mobile (beta) : 4.3 vs 6.8

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Than you for your suggestion @ZackeryWeimer. It is easier this way plus I also forgot my pedals so no chance of outdoors workout. The planner resumes with the ramp test.

@adski for sure! If you load up an Outside Workout and follow it as closely as possible, that would be a case when we’d recommend matching up your completed ride with the TR Workout you did.

We love to refer to these tips when it comes to Outside Workouts – here are a few highlights:

  • Safety first! Don’t let your workout get in the way of being safe on the open road or out on the trails.
  • Plan your routes to avoid traffic, intersections, and downhill/technical stretches of road/trail that might interrupt your intervals.
  • Customize your bike computer’s display so it presents the information you find most useful for your workout.

As for the difference in Workout Levels you’re seeing: that likely has to do with something funky in the beta app – on the production app, everything seems to be normal, so I’ll relay that info to the beta team so they’re aware of it.

@Yiannis bummer about the pedals!! Hope the rest of your trip is still enjoyable. A Ramp Test may be a good call if you haven’t assessed your FTP in a while, but you could also use AI FTP Detection if you’re like me and power testing isn’t your thing.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!