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what is the best way to annotate a Bike specific holiday when inserting it into the calendar. I am heading to Sedona at the end of Feb for an intense week of riding over 7 days (3+ HRS single track/ day sometimes more). I added the trip as a Vacation into the calendar with scheduled rides on each day set at 4hrs and 200TSS. The timing of the trip works out well because the it is right after a recovery week. Unfortunately, the plan did not adapt and I had to delete the TR workouts scheduled for the trip week. Also, upon my return I am thrown right back into a regular training week instead of a recovery week block.

What am I missing in my annotations? How do I make AT account for the efforts on my trip?


? did I post this in the wrong place?

Right place, perhaps missed anyway or people weren’t sure what to suggest. If you want a TR response, nothing beats an email to their support since forum threads may get missed vs a support ticket which will absolutely be reviewed and answered.

Outside of that, I would not use an annotation for your trip. Their oversimplified purpose is to block off days on the calendar so Plan Builder will skip them. It’s not hyper advanced as we might like.

I’d honestly treat this as either a Stage Race or individual Races set as it sounds like you might have done, just ignore the Annotation side. Depending on the event type you choose (A, B, C), you can potentially alter how Plan Builder sees those and works around them in the leadup as well as afterwards.

If this is something you expect a taper before and a recovery week after, A-level stage or A for at least one of the events makes sense. If you just want stuff around this B-level may be right. It’s the kind of thing that may be hard to predict (at least us here on the forum) so you many need to experiment and just see what happens.

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Thanks for the reply Chad,

I did as you suggested and categorized the trip as a 8 stage race and made the trip my B race. The total TSS is approx 1400 for the eight days of riding. Plan builder recognized this and did not schedule any workouts (good) but has me back on a 2hr endurance ride the day after I get back (bad) and is throwing me back into a full workout schedule (double bad). I reckon that a recovery week would be a better idea. I may just need to kick it to tech support.

If you have anything to add it would be appreciated.


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That is why I mentioned the option to set it as an A level event rather than a B. An A level will give you that recovery week as well as a taper before the week (assuming there’s enough time and you have the right Experience settings within Plan Builder). My gut says that A level is the best choice, but I don’t have all the info and could be wrong for a number of reasons.

What you got all makes sense considering the mid-level smarts that Plan Builder has. It is sadly not looking at TSS, duration or other markers we see as flags for changes. It’s a slightly elevated scheduler that has some deficiencies that we need to fudge with settings or outright handle manually at times.

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Still working on my reading comprehension! haha

I just changed it to an A Race, and the plan did not adapt.

I will see what support has to say.


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Odd, because I use that on purpose (swapping back and forth sometimes) to trigger changes if it doesn’t spark for another reason. Probably good to have support see what’s up there.

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