Plan Adjustment Suggestions?

I asked this in the Triple Bypass thread but I didn’t get any responses so sorry for the double post. If you want to delete this I get it.

Suggestions on modifying plan for Triple Bypass. Plan Builder has me doing base 1 & 2, couple of weeks of SPB and 1 week of Rolling Road Race. Next week I start Base 2, but I am going out of town from June 23rd - 28th and July 15th - July 25th, both are vacations with the family. I plan on running during those days (running background) since I am not bringing my bike. Also, I am traveling to Tennessee for 4-5 days in July but am bringing my bike will ride everyday then. Here is what I was thinking my options for modifying are.

Currently I am doing TR low volume with an additional 2 rides outside per week and am running 40-45 miles per week. Yes, I could drop the running and add more cycling which would help, but I enjoy it (even in the Texas sweltering heat).

1 - continue as is, miss whatever is prescribed
2 - scrap the plan and do a bunch of sweet spot with a few VO2 sessions here and there
3 - do sweet spot work until 8 weeks out and swttch to climbing road race

Put in your time off and let PB make a recommendation on how to adjust (Calendar | + | Add Annotation | Time Off).

I personally don’t see the value in doing one week of specialty and would get ride of that and just do SSB 1 & 2 and SPB. During vacation run as you plan. Maybe repeat the workouts you do immediately before vacation right after you get back as a way to ease into training after a week off, rather than trying to continue with the progression as normal. Ditching the week of specialty will give you the schedule to do that for your two vacations. If you want to share your calendar I’m happy to take a look and make some more specific suggestions.

  1. You should probably change the event type in the calendar to Gran Fondo. Rolling Road Race is not the right speciality for the demands of Triple Bypass. Changing the event type will change the speciality recommedations.
  2. The general advice is to start with base, and get as far through base and build as you can. Plan Builder’s recommendations are consistent with that. Completing base is more important than completing speciality phase.
  3. However, you have been doing TR already, but you don’t specify which plan. If you have already been doing some base, backdate the start date of plan to pick up the base you have already been doing. This will allow more time for SPB and speciality.
  4. LV + outside rides + 40-45 miles running. I get that you enjoy running. You might consider reducing your mileage to say 25-30 while training for TB to give your body more time to recover and benefit from the cycling training. By reducing the mileage but not cutting it entirely, you can pick it up again pretty quickly once TB is done.

rkoswald -
My account is public, does my calendar show as private? If so, how does one share?

mcalista -
3 - I just finished LV Base 1, with two additional outside rides per week - starting Base 2 tomorrow
4 - I think you are correct about lowering my running, after 6 fulls weeks of base 1 plus running, I can feel the fatigue building in the legs

Thanks for the suggestions guys