Adjusting Calendar - Feeling better than anticipated

This is my 4th offseason using TR and while I was setting up my calendar up to my goal event in July, I adjusted the Build and Specialty phases based on past experience. In previous years I started to feel beat up when doing the 3 weeks on 1 week recovery cycle which the Build and Specialty plans provide (and the last week or so of SSB), so I decided to extend Build and Specialty to 9 weeks each with a recovery week every 3rd week instead of every 4th. Then setup all my training around that leading up the the goal event.

Now, while working through SSB 1 and 2, I have felt much much better than past years and it feels like my body is handling the training load better than ever (Good problem to have!). Because of that I’m considering going back and re-adjusting to the standard prescribed 3 weeks on 1 week recovery. However, that leaves me with two extra weeks to fill in the gaps between now and my goal event.

I’m mulling over a couple options:

  1. Don’t change the calendar and keep the extra recovery I’ve already built in.
  2. Keep the schedule the same, with extra recovery every 3rd week, but mix in some VO2 max and/or sprint workouts instead of all the recovery rides, to lessen the overall load, but still continue working hard.
  3. Change to the standard 3 on 1 recovery and add extra 2 weeks between Build and Specialty by doing the two taper weeks from Specialty before actually starting it.
  4. Change to the standard 3 on 1 recovery and add the final taper week between Build and Specialty and an extra week of taper after Specialty.

FInishing up week 5 of SSB 2 today, so ~3 weeks to decide; currently leaning toward Option 2. Any opinions and/or other methods you folks have used in similar situations?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Maybe extend base by one week with +1’s since you feel great right now?
Do a harder or longer version of every workout from week 5.
Push yourself near the end of that week then do the recovery week.

The other week i would keep as a spare in case you get sick or end up needing the extra recovery anyway.
You still have 19? weeks to go, so there is a decent chance you’ll lose a week somewhere along the way.

I like this :+1: