Pain, Stretching, Strength and more with The Ready State's Kelly Starrett – Ask a Cycling Coach 222

The Ready State’s Dr. Kelly Starrett joins Coach Jonathan at Strava HQ for a talk on how to be faster through mobility, stretching, strength training, injury prevention and much more. Tune in on YouTube and your favorite podcast app to catch Episode 222 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

Youtube Live Video:

Topics covered in this episode:

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Episode Notes:


It is said that stretching makes you slower…

Curious to here thoughts on this… #becomingasuppleleopard


Tried listening live but the sound quality made it really tough. Hope it can be fixed for the podcast.


Yeah, sound quality is quite poor on the youtube upload, hopefully that is fixed for the podcast upload.

Thanks for checking out the podcast this morning everyone!

We have had some issues with this podcast because it was recorded off-site without our usual setup. So, it does sound a little different. That said, I will fix the YouTube audio, and the podcast will be released shortly with that fixed up audio.

Thank you for your patience as I get that straightened out. :+1:

Edit: The version of the podcast with fixed audio is now published


Awesome! Thanks for the quick fix on that, listening to the Youtube upload now it sounds much better.


Yeah, pulling on your tissues like rubber bands may not be the best use of your time. Over a decade ago I said something to the effect of “stretching is dead”. Let’s stop wasting our time pulling on things. Let’s DO look at the fact that we may not be able to access the positions we should. How you get there is an issue of tools. The convo is a little out of date!
It FOR sure is not the best way to get ready to hammer… But maybe good in the airport, if you got your brain involved?


I’d also ad that NOTHING should make us slower, except too much beer…


@KellyStarrett, I started doing CrossFit and competing over 15 years ago when it was barely a thing and The Games were held on a ranch, lol. I heard and watched videos about your advice back then when I was smashing WODs. Now, fast forward to today and being away from CrossFit for 7 years and transformed into a fanatic cyclist I come across you again. I just can’t quit you! Keep up the great work!!!

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@Jonathan this was the best Podcast I’ve listened to. And I started this year at Podcast #1 I’m going back to listen again. A lot of useful information.


Love it. I think a ton of us have added in more sports and aerobic training on top of those basic s&C skills. None of us were very strong or skilled back then. Now, we are probably enough. As I get older, having a huge set of lungs is way more important than adding another 10lbs to my clean! Great to reconnect!


Cheers Rob!
@johnathan is a ninja at convo flow.


Great podcast guys.

Kelly was a fantastic guest and really good at distilling questions down to the key point. I fear I’m going to go down a long rabbit hole now on his site/youtube looking for more stuff by him.

As someone who has had some hip flexor issues at times I’ve picked up a couple of nuggets on how to better address that now.


Can you distill a couple of your top takeaways?

@KellyStarrett if I was to buy one of your books which is preferred? Deskbound or supple?

I am not a buyer on this subject.

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@KellyStarrett lol, yeah just started base and decided getting faster was more important :beers: :cry: Earlier this week was feeling a little guilty for ordering my third kettlebell this year, right up until I heard you on this podcast. Thanks, that was a great listen! Headed off to Amazon to buy your book!