Any Tried the Retul at Home (mobility) App?

I was playing around no the internet, and found a link to the Retul at Home app. Has anyone used this? If so, thoughts? As it is free, I’m probably going to give it a shot.

Edited the title to make it clear this is a mobility app, and not about bike fitting


Looks interesting, seems to have been launched Jan 12 with zero publicity.
Just installed it and will have a play in the week.

I’ve been meaning to read Kelly Starrets book but this might be a good shortcut!

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Downloaded it right before I hopped on the bike so didn’t click through it at all.

Starret fan for 10+ years, read all his books, have some of his “toys”. Use my rogue fidget bar daily at my standing desk etc…

Will give it a try later.

Yeah i’ll def give this a whirl.

Phil Burt’s book strength training for cyclists is also a good thing to look into as well. Lots of baseline mobility and strength tests there to suggest what you need to work on off the bike. Tho lately its led me to be in the gym way more than on the bike these days. :smile:

Big Kelly Starrett fan. Me too on the books, toys, etc. I think I posted somewhere on this forum about the multiple conversations I had with him and the CFit World Games in Madison in August. Gracious with his time, and quite the character.

I know from his podcasts that he’s a big Specialized fan. I’ve been thinking about subscribing to his Virtual Mobility Coach offering; I’ll try this first, and the his other version…

Just gave it a try. It’s good if only to have an app to direct mobility work for the day. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Did assessment this afternoon and did 2 exercises tonight during my normal evening rolling.

Exactly what is been looking for. I’d pay for this, not as much as his full program but would pay something.

Start the timer when you start the video, you can’t make complete until you hit the minimum time. So if you spend 2 min doing it along with him you’ve got to do 2 more mins of exercise (not always easy) or wait it out.


Interesting, I was expecting it to be some kind of camera to assess fit. I just downloaded it and will give it a try.

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This was my experience too

Frankly, a mobility app that automatically suggested exercises to do daily to improve myself on and off the bike would take away the severe cognitive load that I experience when trying to assess and correct mobility issues.

Why hasn’t anyone done this sooner?


Starrett has, see post #5 above with a link to it. I wonder if his sRetul partnership is a decaled-down version of the subscription app.


Def what this retul app appears to be is a scaled down version. I like it so far.

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Starting down the rabbit hole. Found some other apps that are recommended for mobility. I’ll update this post as I find more.



The Ready State


I finally started just rolling every night late last year. Throw on a 30 minute show and just go until it is done, Cheers has enough episodes it should last me all year. I had looked up a few extra exercises I wanted to do but could never remember to get them in. This should be much easier to remember since I now have a few corrections to work on from the assessment. Plus the app changing every night should help mentally vs let me just do some planks every night.


Thanks for starting this thread - I really like the look of the Retul at Home app… I didn’t like “the Bonesaw” quite as much! :disappointed_relieved:

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Happy to have stumbled across it.

Downloaded at had a go at the first sessions, my calves may never forgive me


I’ve tried out GOWOD. Very very impressed. Super easy to do a routine and there are lots of options to do a routine at varying lengths between 8 to 22 minutes. Also has options to use mobility tools such as balls and theraguns if you have it.

Would be great to get your take on the Retül vs the GOWOD app

Will do more of the Retul app today to finalize my thoughts. I’ll post them here.

Current take: Retul is great to make sure you have bike specific mobility. GOWOD is a full, one stop shop to have a mobility routine custom to your current level of mobility.


I do like the idea of Gowod but wonder if I’d get the benefit of half a zwift or half a trainer road, subscription.