Off The Couch to Sub-9 Leadville in 9 Months with David Curtis – Successful Athletes Podcast 008

David Curtis discusses how diet, structured interval training with TrainerRoad, and lifestyle changes got him from total beginner to going 8:23:13 at the Leadville 100 using TrainerRoad. Learn more in Episode 008 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Very humble guy. Also appreciated his comments re: diversity in cycling.

Through continued gains, course knowledge and improvements in descending skills, he’s on a path to perhaps breaking 8:00.

Impressive stuff. Combination of hard work and dedication mixed with a super analytical and detailed approach. Seems like a really smart and humble guy. I particularly enjoyed him talking about comparing finish times of other riders at Silver Rush vs. LT100. I obsess with that kind of crap also, looking at power numbers and weight where possible. Strava has so much useful data for pacing and sizing up your competition, it just takes some work to dig it out.