Sub-9 Hour Leadville with Sergio Sandoval – Successful Athletes Podcast 002

How Sergio Sandoval raised his FTP by 28% to get the big buckle and go sub-9 hours at the Leadville Trail 100 MTB.

Youtube Video:

Topics covered in this episode:

How Sergio used fasted training to prep for the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race
How Sergio raised his FTP by 28% while training for Leadville
What Sergio learned from training to improve his overall lifestyle
Sergio’s training progression leading up to The Leadville 100
Sergio’s pacing plan for Leadville without a power meter
Sergio’s nutrition plan leading into Leadville
Sergio’s support strategy and logistics for Leadville
Sergio’s race day nutrition plan
What Sergio learned training for and racing Leadville

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Episode Notes:


This doesn’t seem to be available yet on Podcast Apps, correct? Just making sure I’m not missing it.


There is a separate podcast for successful athlete podcasts.

Then they need to fix the Soundcloud link in the lost above, because that points to the AACC page. @Tucker?

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I know that it is supposed to be a separate podcast, but I am not seeing it (either under TR at all or by searching “Successful Athletes” and other variations - though Keegan’s comes up) on Spotify, Google Podcast, or Soundcloud. There is certainly the possibility that I am just totally incapable, but I haven’t found anything yet.

I searched “trainerroad” on apple podcasts and it popped up right away, but maybe it is not on the others yet for some reason.

For reference, here is a pic of Soundcloud, the main TR channel and full track list by release date (newest on top). It includes the first “Successful Athletes” episode, so I would expect

  1. The new ones should show here.
  2. or TR needs to make a new channel and split stuff appropriately.

Here’s the link on Apple podcasts:

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