Off season triathlete option

Help and advice needed please all.
Following the Olympic mid vol tri plan…
Any advice on off season plan that would assist in coming out of the blocks fit and strong in spring. I can add in my own run a swim work if it means following a separate solely bike plan. 3-4 rides a week would work. I want to maximise the winter. Not sure what to do for the best.

You’ll probably get better advice over here : The Short Course Triathlon Thread

But personally (as a beginner/3rd year triathlete) I’ve already started my off season! My general plan is to spend a few weeks doing whatever I feel like; gravel riding, MTB, trail running, then have some time establishing good habits doing the things I’ve been meaning to add in - more yoga, strength and flexibility stuff.
As well as the background conditioning work I’ll probably do one or two short blocks working on some of my weaknesses - swimming technique or shorter faster runs.

For me off-season is about having a break, then having time to work on weaknesses AND start building foundations for the next season. Doing just a bike plan and adding occasional swim/run sessions might not be the best use of the time if you’re already a strong rider (obviously ignore this if you’re an ex high level runner/swimmer!)

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