Triathlete - Where to pick back up for swimming

Hi all,

My gym is opening back up this coming Monday. Politics on going back right now aside, my question is should I just pick up where I am in my current plan or should I back pedal a bit and do at least some of the workouts from where I left off when my gym closed. The last week of swimming I did was in the first week of MV Half Tri build.

Monday starts the 7th week of build, before I go back to 4 weeks of base, then into specialty (hoping my A race in August isn’t canceled). Another option could be to go swim 3 times for the next 2 weeks like the plan suggestions but not necessarily do the workouts. Just get used to the pool again then pick back up when I go back to base.

Any thought would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Assuming you have been able to do some cycling on the turbo/outside and some running you should certainly prioritise the swimming for a month…unless you are a top swimmer with years of technique training then I used to find my swimming went downhill quickly if I was out of the pool. I would swim 3x week spend the first 2 weeks getting used to being in the pool again then a couple of weeks of increased distance - then you should be good to go with pace work again.

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Awesome, that’s what I’m thinking as well. My bike and run have been consistent with the plan. Ready to to get back in the pool. Thank you!

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