Post triathlon season

Hello everyone. Triathlon season is just about to end here in the Land down under and I just want to ask some advice if there are any training plans that you guys can recommend post race season as I want to keep ot hopefully increase my current fitness. Thanks a lot.

Hey Hey - what kind of fitness do you have now? Are you trying to focus on any of the legs more than another? Do you feel yourself starting to burn out a little like most do at the end of a season?

The model I used last year was to follow the last race with a 4 week cooldown (moving home, vacation, loose training sessions). Ideally it would be rather only 2 weeks but it may depend on how much you cooked yourself during the season and need a break from structured training. and then started with SSB1>SSB2 (with my own run and swim workouts) and then started again triathlon specific plans.

I did something similar to this, but started it almost immediately. I only did low volume though, but doing SSB1LV was a way to keep up a regular schedule. I usually do 4 rides a week, so doing 3 and a lower overall TSS in those weeks did a good job of getting in some recovery. After that 6 weeks, I went back in to full on training so I could get about 3 quality blocks in before the next build.

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Bear in mind that fitness does not simply increase ad infinitum. You’ll need some down time from training for a physical, psychological and sociological break.

I’d agree with @schmidt and @Bioteknik but also plan in a months of not structured training, perhaps just free riding, or perhaps doing something completely different. This should help you be fresher for next years training.

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Im thinking of focusing more on running as I found out that suck at it when I did my first ironman this month. But I also want to increase or at least maintain my fitness on the bike as well. I did feel a little bit burnt out on the first week post IM but after that, I feel like my body is looking for something to do training wise. Is that weird?

Hey Schmidt. Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a try.

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