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Any book suggestions for endurance nutrition?

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The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald!

This is the Bible of endurance nutrition!


@JayD There are a couple of good threads on nutrition going that gives great advice here Your personal best way to lose some fat - anecdotes / experiences / examples of what kicked your *** - #11 by julianoliver and here Let’s talk about food 🍕🌮🍟

But, here is a list I posted in one of those threads:


There are two or more books From the author of this book Portables. And there are very good books from Hannah Grant (Amazon Video: Eat. Race. Win.). But it’s more daily nutrition than training fuel. There some vegan books with nice recipes : Brazier and Frazier

Agree, they are excellent. I would also add the two Velochef books by Henrik Orre, although I think the first one was superior.


I liked Run Fast Eat Slow and the follow up book by the same author. Some of the recipes we tried have been very well reviewed by wife & kid and been sufficient (read: lots of high quality carbs) to fuel intense TR sessions. Which isn’t something that can be said about a lot of other healthy recipe collections

I have found Asker Jeukendrup’s blog informative, credible, and well-written. The third edition of his book, Sport Nutrition, should be shipping within two weeks. Based on the preview, it seems to be a comprehensive and well-organized book, with a fairly hefty price tag.

Ouch $70 for Kindle and over $100 in print

Highly recommend Paleo Diet For Athletes by Joe Friel & Loren Corden. HAs awesome info on timing nutrition, pre post and during fuel etc. (don’t expect pretty food pictures, just great advice)

Highly recommended guy. His blog is a very good source. There are some Videos with GCN too.

I second that, anything by Matt Fitzgerald

Thanks Julian!

Wow, thank-you. I’m a huge fan!

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Like others have mentioned here, The Endurance diet was a great read. I’ve tried logging calories, intermittent fasting and while there were some results, the proces wasn’t “fun”. Food became associated with stress instead of enjoyment. Where Mats approach differs is that It doesn’t strictly exclude anything, but promotes quality. While I don’t log calories I use the DQS app, which allows me to easily track the types of food that I’ve ate and while the app isn’t that great (graphs suck) it motivates me to eat “well”.

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This Chef is a very TT’er from the UK and has run a Michelin star restaurant. Some more tasty stuff!