Resource On Nutrition For Cyclist or Endurance Athletes


I’m a decades long competitor but, was ill most of last year and was off the bike. The previous two years were pretty lean due to work and family constraints. The last time I competed was pre pandemic. During the downtime last year I found the podcast and realized that a huge hole in my training had been nutrition. I’m listening to past pods and taking notes but, was wondering if anyone had a go to resource on nutrition. It could be an article, series or book. Google results yield pages of diet plans for weight loss and, while I do need to lose weight I’m not looking for a weight loss plan. Upping the saddle time and making better food choices will take care of the 13 pounds I need to loose.



Read “The Endurance Diet” by Fitzgerald.

You can use the search function on the forum, this topic has been covered numerous times.

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The website of A. Jeukendrup (Food scientist of Team Jumbo-Visma)

This is a pretty good playlist from RCA.