Top Nutrition & Hydration Books/Journals/Research Material you've come across

Hi Everyone,

I know the podcast recently discussed a few books to look into, regarding nutrition and hydration. I was wondering if anyone else had any great recommendations for the TR forum to check out. My personal focus has been put towards sodium/electrolyte intake, as I was victim to some pretty vicious cramping in an early season enduro race; however I am always up for new information! Plus it could obviously help out others as well!!

On a side note, the podcast also recently discussed testing how salty of a sweater you are (I believe this was one of the Kona specials, but I’m sure there have been a few). Does a method/resource exist to approximate my salt output without fully testing, as I am unaware of any places that offer this in my area.


I’ve always like Matt Fitzgerald. The Endurance Diet is one of his books I like. He comes from a more common sense approach. Nothing to extreme, just eat smart.

I think with precision hydration that they mentioned during the kona podcasts you can do it online. Have a look on their website.

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