Next training plan for newbie? Help?

I’m a little confused as to what training plan I should do next. I started TR about 3 months ago and have done SSB LV 2 twice. I can usually work in 3 harder workouts during the week now and a easy ride with friends on Sunday. Probably total about six hours per week. My goal in the spring is to start doing sprint and maybe olympic triathlons, these that I have done for over thirty years. I am 65, 5"9. 150Lbs, 200FTP . Last season I was hurting in the second half of the bike in most races. My overall power is still pretty good, but the endurance is my mail concern. I usually go up hills better than most. Any help is appreciated, Thanks TFR

The mid volume triathlon plans? Olympic. Or even low volume tri and add on additional endurance ride if the volume isn’t enough

I have found that my winter training base (from the Oct to March indoor spins sessions deteriorate by switching to outdoor rides in the spring. I have found that my 2nd half of the bike legs have deteriorated as well.

TR podcasts talk about doing two indoor spins to maintain your FTP (1 being MV02) and one being endurance) and then you go on your long outdoor ride or your race on the weekend.

Our FTP is about the same (ended last spring at 207 on the aerobats, I’m 5’-9" as well, 58, and little bit heavier than you so I find my competition goes by me on sustain climbs.

SO you might want to check out any references in podcasts to this issue.

thanks for the tips.

Good info from Coach Chad here…

Full disclosure - I’m not a triathlete. There are, however, a bunch of related threads if you search using ‘triathlete’ as a key word.