New to TR and structured indoor training. Plan build help needed please

Hi, I’ve been listening to the podcast loads lately and I think it is great! I have found it very informative and helpful and funny too. Thanks and keep em coming! So normally I do fast and intense training group rides 3x a week and 1 long club ride most weekends. But we are now in lockdown and It was the obvious step for me to join up with TR.
So I have done the ramp test and now I want to make a plan.
Since races have all been canceled I don’t have an event to aim for which is fine because I am happy to build fitness for when they do come back.
Anyway, I got to the part where you can structure your week in plan build, and ideally, I would like to have 4 sessions per week. But it came up as either 3 or 5 per week - low vol - mid vol respectively. I like how you can reorder the days you train on but can I change the number of sessions per week to 4? 5 would be too much, what with the rest of life happening too. I guess I could do mid-vol and miss a session, but I think that would interfere with the way the plan is structured? Plus I don’t like to feel like I am ‘skipping’ sessions.
Anyway, any help would be appreciated thanks
Greetings from an Englishman living in Australia.

Hi Alex,

The whole lockdown situation / Covid approach in Australia appears so frustrating… The story about the returning Olympians sounded like madness.

You could use the TrainNow functionality on days that you don’t have something scheduled, but feel like doing a workout. What I understand from it, TR will assess your prior training (type, intensity, etc.) and your TSS and provide recommendations for that day. And what I read about it, it’s quite correct or successful at those recommendations!

Good luck


I would schedule a low volume plan and then schedule the 4th ride as just an easy endurance ride.


What @mwglow15 suggested is what I do with good success. Or the Polarized Mid Volume plan is 4 days a week. Also there are several Triathlon plans with 4 days a week. I’d have a bit of a browse through those and select something to your liking.

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Thanks for the replies, all appreciated. I’ll have a closer look at the plans. An endurance ride would work for sure, and the polarized plan. Anyway, just up this side of the world so I’m gonna do a ride.
Thanks again.