Choose Low, Mid or High volume

I’ve got at limited amount of time to do training, due to the kids etc.
So 1 time a week im riding my bike to/from work, which is 36 km each way - 72 km for 1 day.
Then another day of the week im going to ride a bkool route/race
and finally my plan was that a third day of training in a week should be trainerroad.

My thougts was to choose sustained power build, but im unsure if i should choose low, mid or high volume. The hours mentioned (3,7/6,75/9,17) is that how many hours used in trainerroad alone or just doing all kinds of exercises ?

Those are TR hours. General advice if torn between plans is go lower volume and then can always add additional work in around it easily on calender. A lot of us here have a Low/Mid volume hybrid plan (me included - I take Low vol and then add in a 60-90 min version of the extra hard ride from mid plan. Sometimes needs tweaking a little but generally easy to do in laptop)


As above, pick lower volume whenever in doubt. Based on your comments, I would start with Low Volume.

As to plan, you mention starting with Sustained Power Build. What is your current fitness / what have you been doing the last 4-6 weeks?

I ask because unless you have been doing some real work, I would highly recommend starting with Sweet Spot Base 1 (6 weeks), then Sweet Spot Base 2 (6 weeks) before starting any Build plan. They will properly prepare you for what is quite a taxing plan (Sustained Power Build).

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I’ve been particapating in bkool live races 2-3 times a week during a couple of months. Its basically a bkool route which is started at a fixed time 3 times a week. They usually lasts 1-2 hours and is maxing out but still economizing with my power to be able to finish the race with as good a position as possible.

The ‘low’ volume is 3.6 hours/week which i will never reach since im doing outdoor and bkool routes as well. Looking at the plans its 1 session pr day which means max 75/90 minutes of TR / week for me - i guess

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