What to do? Which plan to choose?

Greetings all - avid listener of the podcast and grateful for that resource.

So, some background…
In a week I’ll celebrate my 51st orbit around the sun.
I am a lifelong cyclist and former Cat 2 XC MTB racer.
COVID times have certainly been a challenge for all of us… But last year I made a commitment to get healthier and ride a bunch more. I feel I was successful in this goal… I committed to a vegetarian diet and life of no alcohol. This and 5k miles on the bike got me this result. Started the year at 2.8 w/kg and ended at 4.1 w/kg.

This was with no real training plan in mind whatsoever.

So, I want to build on this for 2021. I’ve got a handful of events I’d like to do. Most important one will be in Mid October. This would also be my longest event at about 2 hours. Everything else should be 90 minutes top and less intense.

In “season” I’ll have one super hard ride on Tuesday evenings that I need to be fresh for.

I can pedal to work ( 9 miles each way ) and shower in office.

I’m struggling with low VS mid volume and am just looking for some wisdom/guidance.


The Trainer Road blog and search function on this forum are your friend. But so am I

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Thank you for sharing those. I should have noted I’ve read them - and was really seeking other’s experiences and feedback in their thought process of plan selection.

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