Need help in deciding my week schedule

Hi everyone. Just started Sustained Power Build LV and I’m having trouble juggling work, social rides outside and training. Below is my schedule for this week and the coming days:

Monday- Rest day
Tuesday- Ramp Test
Wednesday- Work/Rest day
Thursday- Carpathian Peak
Friday- 1 hour 45 mins group ride (50% of ride at Sweetspot and Threshold, no idea what the TSS is)
Saturday- 2 hour ride at Z1 and Z2 (Recovery ride)
Sunday (Today)- Scheduled is the workout Mount Goode
Monday- Away for work
Tuesday- Away for work
Wednesday- Scheduled is the workout Bashful +1

Dilemma: Contemplating on whether or not I should take a rest day today and move Mount Goode to Wednesday when I get back from work next week or should I just continue doing Mount Goode today or maybe choose a lower variant. Not feeling that fatigued as I have been sleeping well, just mild, normal DOMS.

Help is much appreciated. Thank you!

Do it today. Start and pull the plug / lower intensity if your legs are not good.

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