Thoughts on schedule change for the week

I have a 15k run race this Saturday. I’ve completed SSB1 LV and SSB2 LV and am currently doing Sustained Power week 2. My workouts have been Monday, Wednesday and either Friday or Saturday depending on my work schedule. I’m trying to figure out if I can get all three bike rides in by Thursday, take Friday off from training and be somewhat fresh to run the 15k on Saturday.

Yesterday I completed Bashful +1. It was tough but I made it through the workout. My next two workouts are Fang Mountain +1 and Kaweah. Since starting with TrainerRoad I’ve not missed a workout. I’m wondering if I can do Fang Mountain +1 today on tired legs, take Wednesday off and then do maybe a shorter version of Kaweah (-1 or -2). Or take today off and do Fang Mountain +1 on Wednesday and Kaweah -2 on Thursday and have Friday off. Or completely skip one workout and if skip then which one?


If the race is on Saturday then take Friday off. Try and do your Thursday session earlier in the day if possible to give yourself the longest recovery. Scale back Thursdays ride with a -1 version.

Good luck in the race.