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I had a look around and could not find anything specific regarding my question. If I missed it, please pop a link :slight_smile:

I am currently on the SSB LV 1 plan, and I have structured my training week as follows:

  • Monday: 60 minute interval session
  • Tuesday: 60 minute interval session
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 90 minute interval session
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 3-5 hour group rides ranging from really easy to really hard (depending on which group). Unfortunately I don’t have a power meter on my bike, so no TSS readings
  • Sunday: Either a chill coffee ride or rest

When building the plan, the original layout was Tuesday/Thursday 60 minute interval sessions, and a 90 minute session on Saturday. I moved this around to accommodate my group rides. I sometimes feel like I have not recovered enough for the longer Thursday classes, and I am worried that this is because of my back to back training days on Monday and Tuesday.

Does my weekly layout make sense? I was unsure if I should move the Saturday interval session as I did, or just count my group ride as a training day, and only have two interval sessions during the week on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Hope this makes sense! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


I am surprised you are on the LV plan with that workload. It sounds like a lot of effort to me and a reasonable TSS.

It all depends on how you cope with the workload. You have 2 solid rest days built in and probably a recovery ride on Sunday so I think you will be OK.

You are in base build so just keep on going as you are. If anything has to give it will be reducing the 3-5 hour rides on Sunday to around 3 hours.

You have 4 days in a row ending in back to back interval session (Mon, Tues). That seems like a lot. Generally you’d have a rest day in there somewhere and intervals wouldn’t be in a row. Your current rest days are too close together and would probably serve you better spreading those out.

Thanks John! I think my outdoor rides bumps the volume quite a bit, but generally I feel great and I hope I can keep the current volume going :slight_smile:

Interesting observation- Sundays would generally be either active recovery or a rest day. Would you rather make Sunday a rest day completely, or skip the Monday session and only have Tuesday/Thursday sessions (maybe make both 90 minutes)?

I think you’re good, I would plan it like that too.

Keep the Sunday optional ride as recovery level though - don’t be tempted to beast the hills with your buddies.

Thanks JoeX! My sunday rides are really chill, and when the Saturdays are hard, I generally skip them completely.

Thanks for all the help!

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As long as the Sunday ride is easy then this looks pretty similar to how I would plan things.
You don’t mention whether your workouts are morning, evening, or a mix. I find that I can usually get through a sweet spot session in the morning even with some fatigue in my legs, but need a little bit of extra time to get through more intense sessions so will often shift them to the evening to give a few hours more recovery.

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I feel like a LV plan here is the best. A HV plan would hurt him even more especially when he’s suggesting he might be too fatigued.

I’m in the scenario right now where I feel my Thurs intervals workouts leave me too fatigued for my Sat fast outdoor ride. The outdoor ride is nonnegotiable, will not be trimmed down in time, and will not be skipped (it’s the only day I ride outside with friends, get paceline work, and climbing in). Would moving my Thurs workout to Weds making a Tues/Weds workout schedule, then resting Thurs/Fri too intense being back to back days? I’m getting dropped by people I usually battle climbs with and they aren’t training.