Travelling at end of build block

Apologies if this is a repost, and mods, lock me up if so, but I can’t find it so here goes.

I have a trip over the weekend right at the end of my build block. I can still get my Friday workout in, but Saturday and Sunday are out.

Right now, my current thinking is to back-to-back hard workouts on Thursday and Friday, and drop the longer Sunday ride. But, since I’m going into an off week, I’m almost feeling like I could do the long SS ride on Friday and still get the tough vo2 in on Monday before the recovery kicks in.

Would that be an issue with adaptation though, I wonder.

In any case, I’m still looking at snow outside my window, and will be for a while yet, so none of this probably matters too much, haha :roll_eyes:

I"m gonna assume you’re on a mid volume plan, and say you could take out the easy wednesday ride and smash the 4 workouts into the week, pop a rest day in there somewhere and then have some extra recovery, or even add the wednesday ride back in friday if you wanna eek out the full week’s tss.

Otherwise, I would back to back your hard workouts Th/F, prioritizing whichever workout is more important to your overall goals, and then slide into your recovery week. I can see the bro-science going either way on a workout Monday. I would say leave your “easier” of the workouts out as an optional come Monday and if you feel up to it do it, otherwise leave it out.

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should have mentioned, on high-volume so not a lot of middle-week easy time. But that makes sense and lines up with my gut. Do the hard ones Thursday/Friday and see how I feel Monday. Thanks!

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