My plan builder plan ended. Now what?

Hey there. I’m new to the TR forum so please be kind to me if this is a silly question.

I had a high volume plan from plan builder going from 12/21/20. My “A” races were Tulsa Tough 6/12 and 6/13/21. The plan worked amazingly and I felt great going into my A races. However, my plan was then showing a rest week and then nothing, but my season isn’t over! It’s not obvious to me what I’m supposed to do next…

I deleted that plan and tried to create a new one but It would let me add my past “A” event in (I get the error “cannot plan this far in the past”). How do I continue on with this plan for the remainder of my crit racing season?

Thanks in advance for your kindness with my noob question!

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I think you need a new “A” event for it to plan up to

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I see. I guess I’m concerned that it’s not taking into account that I just came off my “A” event though. Sounds like I screwed up by deleting my previous plan.

If you want to, you can put the start date as the 21/12/20 (or whatever your start date was) and with the new ‘A’ event it should put a plan in place that lines up a bit better with phases.

Assuming there’s a decent amount of time to your next main race.

I’d probably also go with Liam’s suggestion above.

But if this helps, in examples where I’ve had an A event and then subsequent events following, Plan Builder will generally put in another specialty phase in order to extend your current peak. But this will only work for so long and will depend entirely on the timing of your future events. If the events are in the coming 4-8 weeks, you could just plonk a specialty plan on the calendar and not use Plan Builder (unless you’re in the AT Beta and wanting to use that, because it currently requires Plan Builder).

If you do want to use Plan Builder, backdating the start is probably the way to go, but if your events are a bit further out you could also try start the plan this week and tinker with experience level to get in the desire amount of base/build before the events.

(Incidentally: this is probably quite personal, but I find tacking on another specialty phase doesn’t work so well for me. Reason being, you’ve spent the past few weeks tapering and once I’m on that trend I find it hard to get right back in again.)

Thanks so much for all this advice. Super helpful. I guess it’s just a bit of a drag to me that there isn’t a less “manual” way to update your plan. Messing with the experience level seems like a workaround one shouldn’t have to do.

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The suggestions we’ve given are because you said you’re concerned that Plan Builder now won’t take into account the A event you’ve just done, so it sounds like you want to extend the peak from your current plan. But I think it really depends on the timeline for the rest of your season.

It wouldn’t be bad to just start a new Plan Builder from today with upcoming crits as C events and some further out ones as A or B. Plan Builder might put you back to Base for awhile, but there’s nothing wrong with doing more base at a new, higher, level, to consolidate the gains you’ve already made. Our ideas are just if you want to circumvent that :slight_smile:

This makes a lot of sense to me. I think I will go with this suggestion to start a new plan builder from now. Weather is nice and long base miles sound pretty good to me any ways.

Thanks so much for all the good advice, y’all!

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