Feature Request: adding an 'end date' to a Plan Builder plan

So, I have events in my calendar going forward over the next year or so, and I want to start playing with plans to start once my off-season ends. However, because I have an existing plan-builder plan, it goes all the way to the last event in my calendar.

I would love a way to say “I want the plan builder plan to end on ‘this date’”, or “after this event”.

I know PlanBuilder can build in ‘time off’, but I want to start with a clean slate, with ‘week 1’ at the beginning of my new season.

Doesn’t your current plan end on your final A race? If not I would look at breaking your current plan builder into two different plans. When you build your plan you do not need to include all of your events - or maybe you have to delete the events after your break and add them in again when creating a 2nd plan.

I think this should allow you to have different plans going at the same time.

No. Plan builder goes to your last race, whether A, B or C.

Makes sense - I have the same end A race each year and it stops there for me. And I do agree about the ability to add an end date.

For a workaround now though you could try removing your races after whenever you want a break and then build a 2nd plan and add the races as you go through the plan set up.

Hey there @BarnabyG!

You’re right that Plan Builder will create a plan that gets built out to your last event on your TR Calendar. Although this may appear to be one big plan, each section of your plan will be different based on your A event(s).

If your first A race is a crit, for example, Plan Builder will create a plan designed to build the fitness needed for a crit. If your second A race is a climbing road race, though, Plan Builder will account for that and design the second half of your plan (after your first A race is completed) based on the fitness you’d need for a climbing road race.

Taking a look at your account, though, it seems like you have some annotations on there that make me think you could benefit from the flexibility of having two completely separate plans. In this case, we’d recommend taking the approach @Buckethead described.

Make sure the first event you’re training for is marked as an A race, and then ensure you don’t have any additional events on your Calender afterward (delete any events if necessary). Then, add your first Custom Plan to your Calendar, and it will build out to that first (and now “only”) A race you have on your Calendar.

Once that plan has been added, its end date will be based on your first A event. You’ll then be able to add any additional events past that point, which will also allow you to build a new plan for your next A race from a clean slate starting with “Week 1.”

Hopefully that clears things up! Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.