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Ok so my A race has been cancelled. So far I have done 8 weeks Half Tri Base and 9 weeks of build. I deleted my A race and added another A race for Sept. 12. My original A race was July 26th.
I used the plan builder but I don’t think it is taking into account my previous 17 weeks of training. Probably my fault by the way I deleted my old and added my new race.
Anyway, this is what it spit out.
3 weeks Base
5 weeks Specialty
3 weeks Build
1 week Recovery
2 weeks Build
4 weeks Specialty
Does this look good? Or is a regular Base,Build,Specialty better?
Thanks for any help

That looks good to me. And yes at this time it does not take into account previous weeks.

I know there is a trick to adjusting the plan to account for them but cannot remember on top of my head.

I think you start your new plan at the date that your previous plan started.

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Ok that makes sense.
Now, after deleting the workouts how do you remove the headers that remain on the calendar when Specialty week starts,Build week starts etc?

Never mind I figured that out