Training Planning Questions

  1. I am planning to race Wilmington Whiteface as a Leadville Qualifier next year on 6/6/20. This will be my A-race for the year with hopes to defer Leadville until 2021 if I were to qualify. Question being, where is the ideal place to end your specialty plan for the A-race? Would it be week 8 of the specialty plan (recovery week) or week 7 and use the recovery week to recover from the race? In this case I am planning SS Base, Sustained Power, then Century Plan.

  2. I don’t have enough time to do a whole base x2, build, specialty cycle as my CX specialty plan ends mid-November. As a result, something will have to get cut short, and am wondering where is it best to cut from. I can either cut my upcoming cyclocross specialty short and start base phase mid cx season and then I’d be able to fit 2 full base cycles. Or, cut out 1 base cycle and jump into (my guess) SSB II, then build and specialty.

  3. Or is it optimal to get both base cycles in and do the race mid specialty cycle (around week 3-5) as I have 1-2 weeks of flexibility. But I tend to see those flexible weeks as sickness buffer weeks.


  1. The last Sunday in week 8 of Specialty is intended for the A-Race. You can see this when you look at the weekly tips in the training plan page or in the notes on your calendar.

  2. It’s usually best to focus on Base and Build with limited time. See the following article for deeper info.


Thanks! Much appreciated!

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