Week of A Race and Plan Scheduling (Feature Request)

I have not been able to find a clear answer to this. Am I supposed to schedule my last week of specialty phase to be the same week as my A race (so that I do the last workout the day before the race)? It appears the last day of the plan is blank, so I assume this is to accommodate race day. However, I feel like this last week, though decreased in intensity, is maybe a little heavier than I would typically ride in the days leading up to the race.

Are the plans designed like this or do I need to build in a week (or 2) of self-taper?

Yes, the intent is that the 8th week of Specialty ends on Sunday, as the intended A race day.

The final 2 weeks are set with stepped reduction in duration, while maintaining intensity. This is typical taper methodology and used in many other approaches, and works well for large group of people in most cases.

But as with all things training, you can and should adjust to meet your specific needs. If you know a different approach works better for you, then make the necessary adjustments. I would suggest that you keep the basic schedule, and swap workouts as you see fit.


Awesome. Thanks for the tips!

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I am tagging @Bryce and converting this into a feature request. This question comes up relatively frequently, so I think it is worth considering if TR can improve the clarity of the situation.

Maybe add an annotation or other flag on the final Sunday to clearly indicate the intended event day. There are likely many other solutions, but I think this is in need of some adjustment.

Here is one example (Rolling Road Race Specialty) and it is not super obvious that the Sunday opening is meant to be the race. Even the weekly info isn’t clear about the timing intended.

Thanks for tagging me @mcneese.chad. I will pass this suggestion onto the team :+1:

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