Missing a day on the weekend

I’m a first time Trainer Road user. I’m currently in the SSB1 low volume 2. I love the workouts. But, do to life I have missed a workout on the weekends. So I am short an hour and a half the last three weeks. Should I try and make up those work outs or just keep going with the plan?

I would say don’t try to make up the missed workouts. Just do your best to stick to the plan from here on out. That might mean moving things around. It sounds like you don’t have trouble doing 1 hour workouts on weekdays. Could you move the workouts to MWF and find an extra half hour on Friday? For me I have 1.5 hour workouts on weekdays about once per week. This usualy means waking up a half hour earlier which is hard but doable.

If that doesn’t work there are usually one hour versions the workouts, usually with a -1 or -2 after. When life really gets in the way and you can’t find that extra half hour an hour version of the workout will get you most of the benefit of a 1.5 hour workout.


As above, and TR approved, skip it and move on.

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Jumping in here as I’m more or less in the same spot and had come on to ask a similar question. I’m a couple of weeks into SSB1 mid volume. I’m good to find the time for the in-week work, but the weekends I normally get one decent (normally outside) ride which I equate to sunday ride. This means I’m missing all the 1.5hr over-under stuff. Would it be sensible to swtich the thursday workouts to a 1hr over-under type work-out so i get the variety of workouts or will it all come out in the wash eventually. For the record I plan on short power build then cyclocross speciality.

Ok, I’ll try that. I appreciate the fast response you guys are great! :+1:

I’m by no means an expert in this so hopefully someone better can give you some advice. I think in the end I won’t make much of a difference if you stay with the Thursday work-outs or switch it for the Saturday over-unders. Both will be training your muscular endurance/threshold. In your case I might lean slightly toward the over-unders since the short power and cyclocross have a lot of VO2 max workouts and the over unders are more similar VO2 max than sweet spot work is to VO2 max.