Had to ride a shortened version, how should I make it up?

Was a little late out of bed this morning, so I chose a shorter version of the scheduled workout to fit the time I had. Specifically, I’m on the Low Volume Sweet Spot Base I and today’s scheduled ride was Warlow. I ended up riding Warlow -2 which was the same intensity, but 3 intervals instead of 5. I don’t have another bike workout scheduled until Tuesday (2 days off)*, but I do have an endurance swim workout tomorrow afternoon.

Should I:
-Not sweat it, pick the plan back up, as prescribed, on Tuesday
-Circle back tomorrow morning and pick up the two intervals I missed.
-Ride Warlow -2 again tomorrow, picking up a 6th interval to make up for the fact that I didn’t do the 5 consecutively.

What say the forum?

(*FWIW, I would typically add a 20-30 min recovery spin at 55-65% FTP on Sunday or Monday, but that’s hardly what I’d call a workout with the TSS being in the 10-15 range)

Don’t sweat it


FWIW I agree with @pwandoff. Embrace the fact that this is life, at least you got some extra rest :slight_smile: - and move on. The downside of repeating missed workouts is that you may not be fresh in your next workout, underperform there, etc.


Don’t sweat it. It’s yesterday’s ride. Don’t let yesterday affect today.


Definitely agree with other posters. I would always try to make up or worse, repeat the workout I couldn’t complete and then wonder why I was so tired all the time! Anything is better than nothing. Life happens. Let it not get to ya