Missing and substituting Workouts in SSB1

Hi everybody!

I am in the fifth week of SSB1. So next week will be recovery week.

The schedule according to the plan is:
Monday: Carillon (DONE); Tuesday: Carter; Wednesday: Geiger+1; Friday: McAdie+1, Sat.: Galena.

A friend of mine comes over on Saturday for a 6h Gravel Ride. So my idea was to switch it like this:
Monday: Carillon (DONE); Tuesday: McAdie+1; Wednesday: Geiger+1; Friday: Carter, Sat.: Outdoor Ride.
So I do not have to do the hard workouts before the outdoor ride and substitute and substitute Galena with the Outdoor Ride.

But now I did miss my workout today (the first one in the whole plan) coz I had to take care of the kids since my wife got sick.

I am not sure what to do know. My idea would be:
Monday: Carillon (DONE); Tuesday: No Workout; Wednesday: McAdie+1; Friday: Carter, Sat.: Outdoor Ride.

Do you think this is ok or 'd it be better to shift the recovery week back and do the same workout week next week according to the ssb1 plan?

My goal is actually to do ssb2 after I accomplished ssb1. I would have two weeks of outdoor rides before I travel to italy to ride the Tuscany Trail end of may.

This is entirely reasonable. Skipping Geiger is not going to make or break your training block, and it’s definitely not worth pushing the week back. To borrow from a TR support article:

Don’t stress it! 1-2 missed workouts won’t have a huge effect on your training, so simply “skip” those workouts in your plan, but make sure to prioritize workout quality and get your high-intensity workouts done before any other less intense workouts.

McAdie +1 is a bit of a beast, so coming into that relatively fresh and having some extra recovery time afterwards won’t hurt either.


Thanks a lot for your guidance! That helps me a lot beeing confident with my Training.

Have a Great one!

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