Missed a day of base training - my long ride - now what?

I am a new TrainerRoad user, just started week 5 of the Low Volume Base plan and loving it and feeling a lot of improvement.

I had a bike tune done, and currently my bike is in the shop for a couple of days. Because of that I missed my Sat/Sunday 1.5 hour long ride.

Now I am not sure how to proceed. If I get my bike back tomorrow should I just continue, skipping the Weekend ride, or just pick up where I left off with a long ride on Tuesday?

If I just continue, the TSS for the week will be much higher because there is another long ride coming on Saturday.

How do you handle missing a ride, when it is a long one? I could have put the mountain bike on the trainer instead of the bike I normally use but I didn’t thinking it would change how much power I put out (different geometry).


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If you are on week five, then I am guessing that you skipped Warlow and have Pallisade this weekend? And next week is rest? I’d probably swap Carillon for a 60 minute version of Warlow, then finish out this week. Or just not worry about it at all and keep on trucking through this week, considering Warlow skipped. The only reason I would think about doing a shorter version of Warlow is because over-unders are tough, and if you aren’t used to them, Pallisade is sort of a beast of a workout.

I would not try to do Warlow tomorrow and Pallisade this weekend unless you are used to that level of stress, in which case I’d say listen to your body. You could do Warlow tomorrow, skip Carillon, and see how you feel this weekend.


That should really depend on how your workouts are going and how you feel. Are you finding them easy enough to complete without feeling fatigued? If not, you can always try it on Tuesday and see how it goes.
(SSB LV1 is really forgiving so I wouldn’t sweat either choice if I was in your shoes).

As long as you’re not feeling fatigued, don’t worry about it too much. You’re about to start a recovery week which will be a large reduction in intensity and TSS.

One missed workout is not going to set you back. Missing multiple workouts is what sets you back.
YOu have to remember one workout will not define you.


I would just keep on with the plan, no adjustments.

Keep on keeping on. It is only one workout which in the big picture is nothing. Forget about it. Do not feel guilty. Nothing to see. Move along.

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I think I heard in a podcast that Coach Chad said we should see improvements even if we don’t do 100% of the work 100% of the time. I would not worry about it, I think it is great that you have not missed a workout until now!