How do I adjust for a missed workout

I’m sure this has been asked somewhere but I can’t find the answer.

Im on and LV plan so I train M/W/F. What do I do if a miss a workout due to just lack of time or illness?
For example if I can’t workout on Monday, as I see it I have 3 options: I could skip it and continue on Wednesday, move the workout in my calendar to Tuesday or skip it and choose a workout from TrainNow on Tuesday. In last 2 options I’d be training back to back on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Also, I also usually do strength training on Tuesday and Thursday

Just want to understand what TrainerRoad recommends in that situation.


Just get the three rides done at some point within the week. If you end up doing extra work on consecutive days, try to add extra recovery before going at it again. It’ll be fine.

Also, depending on how you recover, you may want to consider doing your strength workouts on the same day as your rides - with as much time btwn them as you can manage. Your schedule has you training 5 days a week, and consequently you only get two days of recovery. If you combine lifting and riding at least once, you get yourself an extra day of recovery*. Make your hard days hard and your easy days easy.

Good luck.

*or a day when you can bang out a 3 hour endurance ride :grin:

If you can’t train Monday then just shift everything back a day, so T/T/S, to keep the recovery between workouts the same. If you are sick then don’t try to make up for workouts missed, just pick it up again when recovered. If you are sick for a few weeks you probably want to return to base to restore some fitness before getting back into it.

This is a common occurance for me. Sometimes I’ll do it the day after, sometimes I’ll skip it and just carry on with the plan. Sometimes I’ll choose TrainNow or the ride that I missed from the previous day…

At the end of the day, if you’re a time crunched athlete and aren’t racing for a living, does it really matter? :wink: :slight_smile:

Just do whatever you can and dont stress too hard about it. TR will adapt, you’ll carry on and won’t really be any worse off missing the odd workout :slight_smile:


If you can move things around within the week and you are comfortable with it do it, if not skip it and add an annotation to your plan and let AT adapt around it.
Calendar Annotations – TrainerRoad

Even if you don’t add an ‘Annotation’ TR will still adapt, it might just take a little longer. Most importantly don’t sweat it life happens!

@dvisrael You’re getting good advice here from the forum regulars/superstars (thanks team :wink: ). One other option I want to present though:
If you do decide to just drag and drop your Monday workout to complete on Tuesday instead, consider picking an Alternate for that workout at a shorter duration. It will be more manageable to combine with your gym work on Tuesday, and set you up better for more recovery time going into Wednesdays workout.

By choosing an Alternate, you’re still meeting the same goals and target zones assigned in the original workout, so you’re still being moved towards your specific goal in the way Plan Builder designed! It’s pretty slick.

Final note: if you do triple-up with a workout Tuesday, gym time Tuesday, and workout Wednesday, take some liberties to change that Wednesday workout to a shorter Alternate as well if it means you are better set up to knock it out of the park.

Take extra care to focus on recover and BIG fueling when you have weeks like that as well. This will be super important for both short term and long term gains. :raised_hands:


If I miss a day, I just skip it and carry on with the plan. When I start juggling days and duration I get into trouble!

You just forget it, and do the next scheduled workout. Don’t try and play catch-up.

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