Mid-plan Deviation Advice!

First time I’ve been able to complete SSB (LV) 1 & 2, and got into LV General Build! Things going just fine, bumped my FTP up and was grinding out the first two weeks of Build when life happened. Week 3 (Bashful +2, Avalanche Spire +1, and Junction -1) I ended up spending the whole week laying down flooring, which has really taken a toll on my whole body… wasn’t able to get on the bike at all this week. Getting back to normal this week… should I:

a) Pick back up in Week 3; or
b) Proceed into Week 4 (recovery week).


Pick up back in week 3. Weeks 5-7 build on the fitness you established in weeks 1-3. A week of laying flooring certainly hasn’t increased your work capacity on the bike and may have decreased it. So skipping a week isn’t going to set you up well to succeed with the second half of the plan.

To be honest, if you don’t have an A event that’s actually going to happen and therefore don’t mind too much when your plan finishes, I’d even consider repeating week 2 to make sure that you are where you should be before stepping up to week 3.