February holidays break

I would like to start a plan from SSB 1 HV (21 October), but in February I’m leaving home for 2 weeks - hollidays.
It will be second week of building phase. I will try to do some bike rides on hollidays but it won’t be trainer training :(. My question is. When I get back what should I do in terms of training? Should I begin with build phase again or should I start with SSB 2?

I don’t think two weeks will set you back all that much. Proceed as planned but be liberal with the percentage slider to knock the intensity down a little.

I’d recommend extending SSB 2 HV by a couple of weeks and use the first week of your holiday as your rest week, meaning you’ll only really lose one week of training which should be pretty easy to recover from. Specifically, I’d do the whole of SSB 1 HV followed by weeks 1-5 of SSB 2 HV then repeating weeks 3-5 (potentially with a few percent intensity increase if you’re feeling strong). The first week of your holiday will then replace week 6, the rest week, and you’ll just be one week behind when you get back.

What to do when you get back will depend on how you feel, you wont have lost much real fitness but may be a bit down on the top end so may not want to do the ramp test. I’d probably just do the ramp test and the first week of build, see how it all feels then either repeat week 1 and do another ramp test or just carry on and manually adjust as required.

Overall, don’t worry about it too much and have a great holiday!

General rule of thumb is that you lose fitness at the same rate that you gain it. So if you had 2 weeks off the bike, you would repeat the 2 weeks you’d done before going on holiday. Sounds like that would mean you would start Build again after your holiday.

Might also be worth considering tweaking your schedule so that the first week of the holiday aligns with a recovery week. E.g. Do a couple of weeks of Traditional Base before you start SSB, then your last hard week of SSB2 falls right before your holiday, first week of holiday is a recovery week. Your holiday is then just extended recovery, if you can do enough riding to maintain fitness while getting that freshness into your legs then great. Then you hit Build when you come back.

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